Privacy Policy GmbH takes the protection of your personal information very seriously and wants you to be able to safely navigate on our site.

By means of this Privacy Policy statement we want to explain, which data is absolutely necessary and how by giving further, voluntary information you can receive additional benefits.

Your data will only be collected and saved if you give your consent.

We will inform you about changes to the Privacy Policy regulations via email. Should you not agree with the latest version, you have two weeks to revoke your consent. In this period of time, the changes will not affect you.


1. Personal information such as identification and usage

We ask you for some personal information to place advertisements, register, receive Newsletters, take part in competitions and register on our forums.

The required data fields are marked with a star (“*”). Should you not consent to this, we hope you understand that you will not be able to use this service.


2. Collection and processing of personal information

In general you can visit the site without providing personal information.

Personal information will only be required,if and when, you provide it voluntarily, for example when you register or if you fill in a questionnaireafter a contract is closed.


3. Use and disclosure of personal data and appropriation

All personal data collected through the direct internet services of will only be processed and used according to relevant legislation for the protection of personal data, settlement of a contract,protection of our legitimate business interests related to consulting and servicing provided to our clients and for the development of products according to customer requirements.



With your consent, can use the email address provided by you during the registration process for the Newsletter service, to send you personalized advertisements from and from cooperation partners. These notifications are via email or per post. With your consent and in the framework of the aforementioned advertising, your personal data (IP-Address, time and type of the email opening and site requests ) can be claimed from the site, processed and used, to make from it a user profile to create or to enrich existing user profiles if applicable. Your profile can also be completed with statistical data from external sources (social-demographic data).

Through your profile information, offers, competitions and advertisements can be tailor-made to suit you and your interests.

Without your consent, your personal data will not be used for advertising purposes. records your consent to collect and save your personal information. We will inform you about how and when you gave your consent if necessary.


4. Security provides technical and organizational security measures to protect the data that you have provided to from manipulations, loss, and destruction or from access by unauthorized persons.

Our security measures will be improved in line with technological improvements. At the same time, informs the users specifically that data protection for transmission of data in the open network like the internet cannot be guaranteed in its entirety. The user is personally responsible for the security of the data that they transmit online.


5. Cookies and Website-Tracking

On we use a web analysis-system to measure and analyze information with respect to visits on our website. To that effect we use your IP address to collect, among other things, internet traffic data regarding your browser type and computer.

Furthermore, for this cookies are issued.

A cookie is a small file that is stored locally on your computer when you visit a website. When you revisit the website on the same device, the cookie will indicate that you are a repeat visitor. The cookie contains a unique number and no personal information. It is not used to identify you on third party websites- including those on analytics providers.

Most of the cookies we use are so called “Session-Cookies”. They are removed from the hard drive again at the end of your browsing session. Furthermore, we use “permanent-Cookies” that are saved on your PC. These cookies can serve the purpose of saving the chosen location and your login data for the next visit.

Cookies don´t harm your PC and contain no viruses.

You can set your browser to notify you when you receive a new cookie, or to decline cookies altogether.

You can deactivate the use of cookies by Google, by visiting the Google advertisement deactivation site. As an alternative you can deactivate the use of cookies by third parties by visiting the deactivation site of the Network Advertising Initiative.

Should you deactivate the cookies in your web browser, you will be unable to use many of important features. For the placing of adds, it is necessary to activate the cookies.

We don´t use IP-addresses or cookies to identify you.

We use the Web analytic-System with the objective of improving the efficiency of our site.

If you don´t want to be recognized by Google Analytics, you can install a Browser-Add-On from Google, that effectively prevents tracking.

Additionally, third parties that add advertisements to our site can set their own cookies. Third party providers like Google use cookies to set up advertisements on the basis of previous visits from a user to our website (Behavioral Targeting). GmbH & Co. KG has no control over this and is not responsible for the practices used by these third party providers. We recommend you to check the data protection guidelines of these companies. You can object to the implementation of cookies by the aforementioned company in the framework of Behavioral Targeting.

Please use one of the following links for this: AudienceScience:

Network Advertising Initiative (NAI):

Some of the implemented cookies are used by third party providers, to provide fitting advertising banners when you visit other websites. Under no circumstance can this data be used to identify the visitor of the website personally.

Using DART cookies allows Google and his partner websites to set advertisements on the basis of visitors to our site. You can deactivate the use of DART cookies by visiting the site for the deactivation of advertisements.

Criteo GmbH collects and saves information about the surf behavior of website users for marketing uses in anonymized or pseudonomized form. This data will be saved to your computer with the help of so called cookies. Criteo analyses through an algorithm the surfing behavior and can as a result show personalized product recommendations and advertisement banners on other websites.

Criteo identifies this data in a pseudonomized form. You can object to the complete pseudonym analysis by signing out of here.


6. Type of data evaluation

In the effort to continuously offer optimal services, carries out regular analysis about the behavior of users on the site. These evaluations are not carried out in a personalized manner but in a pseudo randomized way. We don´t inform our advertising clients who or when an item has been clicked, unless you have expressly given this consent.


7. Measurement of reach through the use of the Scalable Centralized Measuring System.

Babacos uses the “Scalable Centralized Measuring System” (SZM) from INFOnline GmbH ( to determine statistical measures to use for our offers. In this way, anonymously measured values are collected. What SZM uses to recognize computer systems are either cookies with the characters" , „", a LocalStorage Object or a Signature  that is created from various automatically transferred information from your browser. IP-addresses are only processed in a non descript form.

The measurement of reach was developed taking into account data protection. The objective of the measurement of reach is to calculate the user intensity and the number of users a website has. Individual users are not identified at any time. Your identity will always stay protected. You will receive no advertisement through this system.

For web advertisements like, who are members of the German Information Association for the Ascertainment of Distribution of Advertising Media  or take part in the study „internet facts" from the German Study Group Online Research Institute e.V. (AGOF –, the user statistics are published once a month by the AGOF and the Media Analysis group e.V. ( - as well as by the IVW and can be seen under, http://www.agma-mmc.deund Next to the publishing of measured data, the IVW reviews the SZM- procedures on a regular basis to make sure they are compliant with data protection regulations. Further information about SZM procedures you will find on the website of INFOnline GmbH ( that operates the SZM procedure, the data protection website of AGOF ( and the data protection website of IVW (  You can object to the SZM processing of your data under:


8. Information

Upon request, we will share with you, in written form and in accordance with the valid laws, which personal data about you is saved by us.In our public index of procedures, we have summarized the statements in accordance with §4e BDSG.


Babacos GmbH

Schützenweg 41

4624 Härkingen




9. Deleting personalized data

You have the right at any given time to object to the saving of your personal data.

We will delete all personal information related to you immediately after receiving the request. An elimination of the data will also occur when saving the data is no longer necessary or if saving the data for other reasons was prohibited or becomes prohibited.


10. Other information about data protection

Please remember than every time you provide personal information online (for e.g. in an advertisement, per e-mail, in forums), this information can be collected by others and used. You may receive undesired messages from others, if you send information in sites with open access. Act carefully and responsibly online and make sue to keep your password and/or other personal information private.

Google Search Box

The search box on this website (“searchbox) is offered by Google Inc("Google"). You acknowledge and agree that Google´s data protection guidelines (under are valid for your use of the search box and that you allow Google to use your data according to the data protection guidelines.


11. Data Protection Commissioner

If you have questions regarding the processing of your personal data, you can direct yourself to the person responsible for the data protection that will help you if you request information, have other requests or complaints. Address:

Babacos GmbH

Schützenweg 41

4624 Härkingen




Public Procedure directory

According to §4g BDSGthe person responsible for data protection has the task to make available the information set by §4e BDSG in the most suitable way. We fulfill this obligation under every circumstance and renounce your individual request in this way.


12. Name or company of the responsible authority

Babacos GmbH

Schützenweg 41

4624 Härkingen




13. Address of the responsible authority

Schützenweg 41, 4624 Härkingen


14. Purpose of the data collection, processing or use GmbH & Co. KG is a German speaking internet portal, which is provided for free for small private advertisements.

The main reason for the collection, processing and use of personal data is the management and care of customer orders in the area of small advertisements, Community and Newsletter.

Other reasons for the collection, processing and use of personal data are personal-, supplier- and customer management.

Data collection,-processing and-use takes place for the above mentioned reasons.


15. Definition of the concerned group of persons and the related data and data categories

To comply with the under Point 4 mentioned purposes, the following personal data is collected, processed and used:

Customer data (address data)

Personal data for the management of employees and outside parties.

Data from partner companies (address data, contract data)

Data from suppliers (address data, contract data)


16. Recipients or recipient categories with whom this data can be shared

Public authorities, that receive this data for legal regulations (for e.g. social insurance agencies, authorities)

Internal departments that participate in the development of  business processes (personnel administration, book keeping, accounting systems, marketing, sales, telecommunication and IT)

External departments that participate in the transactions of the business processes (partner in the framework of the business processes mentioned under point Nr.4)

External contractor according to §11 BDSG

Credit Institutes (salary payment, transactions in the framework of the business processes mentioned under Point Nr.4)

Insurances in the framework of retirement pensions


17. Standard terms for data deletion

Deletion of data takes place after the end of the legal, statutory contractual saving time limit. Data not underlying the record retention will be deleted after the omission of already defined purposes.


18. Planned data transfers to third parties

Data transfer to third partied is not planned.

Disclaimer of warranty

The information, data and content is constantly being checked and updated. In spite of the greatest care it is possible that data has changed in the meantime. There can therefore be no guarantee for the correctness, completeness and up-to-datedness.

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