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Welcome to Babacos! – Your online portal for animals, jobs, cars and much more. Our portal is a paradise for bargain hunters, animal lovers and job seekers, here you can buy and sell (nearly) everything. No matter what you are searching for or would like to advertise, we offer you the perfect platform for it.

We came up with Babacos to solve a very simple issue we were having. We wanted to clear out our house and got quickly frustrated with the available advertisement websites and online auction sites. So many different websites made selling very time consuming and forced us to continuously create numerous user accounts. Also, many of the sites were built in an unnecessarily complicated way, which further added to the frustration of selling our items.

So we came up with the idea of building a complete auction and advertisement website that made it possible to purchase and sell all under one roof. And so the concept behind babacos.ch was born! Naturally, we were not alone in the realization of our vision. We received active support from family members, the Babacos-Team and our digital agency, Swiss Magic.

Babacos is not just focused on advertisements and auctions, we also take great care in offering animal procurement. With 12 horses, 4 donkeys, 80 chickens, 44 ducks, peacocks, partridges, 10 birds, a cat and a dog, Babacos is the proud owner of a ranch in the Dominican Republic. That is why there is a great appreciation and passion for the animal world. Babacos has made it its mission to actively support animal welfare in every way.


5 things that you should know about Babacos:

1. There are no hidden costs or fees.

2. Babacos is simple and intuitive! Our team has invested lots of time and effort in ensuring that the site is as easy as possible to use. We kept the design simple and clean and avoideda complicated registration process. Regardless of whether you want to buy or sell something, we will make your visit to our website as pleasant as possible. Our objective is to make sure everyone can take part in Babacos.

3. At Babacos, buyers and sellers come together! Your advertisement will stay on the internet for as long as it takes to find a buyer – no matter how long that takes. If it takes longer to sell something, we won´t force you to set up your advertover again, this way we are able to save you time and effort. This is valid for all advertisements and auctions on Babacos.

4. With Babacos you will reach a wide range of buyers and sellers! When you advertise in your local newspaper or local classifieds, your advert is limited to your region. With Babacos you will be able to reach the whole of Switzerland and the whole of the German speaking internet. Allowing people to find exactly what you are selling, guaranteed.

5. We want you to be satisfied!


Babacos is not an anonymous auction house. We are a young team with big plans and we work hard every day to realise our vision. Our objective is to offer you the perfect platform for advertisements and auctions of every kind. If you are still not 100% happy with Babacosor have any doubts or questions

Our team will be happy to help you at any time. Just send us an email!

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